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We will also explain fees, policies, and procedures.

Most importantly, we will give you an evaluation of your situation and whether or not hypnosis is right for you. We will discuss what your responsibilities will be.

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Phyllis G Before And After Weight Loss

Loss Programs Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
Lost 32 Pounds And Got My Life Back!

My name is Phyllis Glahn. I’m 53 and live with my husband Ken. I’ve lost
32 Pounds. I’ve gone from a 16 to an 8/10 – That’s about 4 –5 sizes… a
big deal for me… I’d never been an 8 before… You may know me as pastor;
I have a masters degree plus – I’ve been a teacher, I’ve been a small
business owner, and now I’ve answered a call to ministry, and I’ve been
a pastor for several years, I’m over 50 years old. You wouldn’t think at
this point in my life that I would be interested, concerned, upset about
how I look.

I would put weight on and take it off again, put weight on, take it off.
It’s very very scary to think you can’t be in control of your OWN person.
In ’85 I had a gastric bypass… I used to be really big – I weighted as
much as 255. [But] the stomach stretched [back] out, and my eating habits
didn’t change. No one had suggested hypnosis to me. A lot of my eating was
comfort eating and that I just like food. Let’s face it!
biggest thing was sweet and salt. I didn’t have the control. If you had a
bag of chocolates, I’d have to eat the [entire] bag. After the Holiday
party, I’d have to eat the 3 pieces of fudge left so I could wash the
plate. This is how you get to weigh 255 pounds real quick. What a terrible
way to live your life! Get the concept?

Society teaches us that appearance is NOT the way to value yourself – but
all you have to do is be the “fat” girl in class – all you have to is be
the person who doesn’t get the job because your appearance turns people

Everything I was told when I came in for my screening made sense. Right
after the first session I started being thirsty – [which] surprised me. I
did everything they told me to do – so, I listened to my CD’s every night.
Now… I’ve been on enough diets that I knew exactly the kinds of foods I
needed to eat. What was so magical, spiritual, “of wonder” was that all of
a sudden I COULD. That was amazing! It wasn’t a strain. I could [just]
walk by the candy bars in the store. And it’s not because I’m thinking,
”don’t do that, you’re going to get fat.” It’s because I simply did not
have the desire. I was having a good time I can go out to dinner and not
feel put upon. I like my salad without dressing!! Started taking some
lunches with me. Apples, bananas, and water – are my big staple. For me,
the biggest thing has been seeing the clothes change. I’m a better
counselor now, too.

I’m proud that I made the decision to come. It changed my mindset – For me
that was the amazing part of it. That’s why this program understood how I
was stuck more than anything else did. You really have to want to do this.
It wasn’t that I was having to fight with myself any more… and lose.
There’s only one me now.

I can’t TELL you how much fun this has been. You can do it, because YOU
ARE in control. It’s more realistic & obtainable than you may think.
Encouragement. It looked and sounded like a reasonable program. Fees were
very VERY reasonable. And it has followed through to be everything I
thought it looked like it was going to be. I can come back here [if I need
it] for assistance and help for the rest of my life.
because, you haven’t done something stupid like say you’re only gonna have
no carbs for the rest of your life – so all you’re gonna do is have meat
& salad or you’re gonna eliminate… – No – I get to eat everything I
want – a little bit – sometime – or – I may even splurge today – I’m not a
fanatic about anything. I can live with that for the rest of my life. And
be happy and satisfied and in control. YOU can be HAPPY living with that.

Society doesn’t control me – food doesn’t
control me. I’m not getting obsessed.

And I’ve talked to others for whom it’s worked. And I’ve been reading more
& more lately about – in reputable magazines & books that more
& more doctors more and more scientists are showing that hypnotism is
very helpful in a lot of areas. You can see the hypnosis center’s
appearance on Fox News.
And if you’re considering this, it’s better to take the chance than to
miss the opportunity. Call TODAY for your free screening and get started
on a happier life!

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order to determine whether or not you will be accepted, we will need to
make sure that you can handle confronting what’s actually happening and
take feedback. You are screened  to make sure that you are
following directions when you’re here so that we can have a reasonable
expectation of your success. If we think you need to be somewhere else,
we will tell you that. We provide a 30-40 minute screening. It’s fun and
informative. We will give you an honest and in-depth explanation of
hypnosis and evaluation of your situation. We’ll tell you whether or not
we feel hypnosis is right for you. Call us right now to find out if this
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Many More Local Reviews & Stories (Literally Hundreds In Our
Office And Archives) Just Like This, Please Visit Us At Our Main
Website Page at


“Hi, my name is Sherri Murr
(formerly Gillespie)
. I am now a mom. The folks at Keystone
Hypnosis in Kingston/Wilkes-Barre helped me lose weight. This has
definitely saved my life.” Read My Full Story At…
lost 15 pounds.
At my screening, I felt that this was the one
and only thing that would actually work for me. Everything’s fun about
it. ”
– Debbie P., Wilkes-Barre, PA

“It’s amazing. With Thanksgiving, Christmas,
and New Years over, 42” waist pants are now a loose 38”. I put so many
new holes in my old belt and cut it so many times, I had to buy a new
belt. I had to take 4 links from my watch band. I went from a XXL to a
L shirt size. People say I seem calmer and more focused. This is
fantastic – Everything it’s supposed to be.”
– Frank
Hummel – Main Tech, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, PA

name is Chris Halbohm. I live in Kingston, PA and am a member of the
Lions Club. I am also the director of Kingston-Keystone Hypnosis and
have done hypnosis professionally for over 15 years (since 2000). I
quit smoking using hypnosis.

Read My Story… Smoking Was A Pain When I was
a smoker, I “had” to have them with me at all times. It was like being
tied to an anchor. Of course, the smell and smoke was unpleasant to
others. It was distasteful to me, too. I had my fair share of cigarette
burns. You couldn’t get the smell out of clothing. And, it was a constant
reminder of how “needy” I was.
The fear of ruining my lungs was
always on my mind. I had read and heard about how it can actually cut the
lining inside the lungs.
Out Of Control
It seemed that “I just needed them”. Eventually, I felt
embarrassed. What’s weird is that it actually made my stress worse. It did
not match who I was. And, it wasn’t serving anyone.
Quick Decision
Using the technology of
hypnosis, one day, I simply decided to notice that I don’t want to need
the smoking any more. I decided to have calm control over the situation, I
was determined to quit. Immediately, smoking just began to seem silly and
ridiculous to me.
Easy and Fun Choice!
As soon as I made the decision, I felt freer! All of a sudden, I
realized that I don’t need the cigarettes. Now, I believe that cigarettes
are an absolute waste of time. Funny thing was that quitting smoking was
one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.
I started doing productive
things and noticed no cravings.
Real Freedom
Now my time and energy were free. I could do what I wanted to do
and go where I wanted to go. I really believe that when you quit smoking,
you find a renewed sense of freedom – a freedom that most people never
Ongoing Rewards I am
now able to think more clearly, without all that “stuff” gunking up my
system. I can proudly, honestly say that I am a non-smoker! I have used
hypnosis for many things, including reducing and eliminating migraines,
improving my public speaking and communication skills, and many other
I have become one of the first hypnosis school owners in
the country, now teaching in the Wilkes-Barre Scranton PA area. I have
performed thousands of client visits, and appeared on both local and
national television.
So many things are now in the news and
publications as to the benefits of hypnosis. Hypnosis has become a widely
respected method to help individuals to achieve success.
hypnosis and weight loss center offers a free screening to determine
whether or not you will be accepted as a client. Call now, and schedule
yours. Tell the receptionist that you are as motivated and determined as I
And do a great job!

To Keystone Hypnosis Weight Loss Center in Kingston Pennsylvania

you are looking for healthy weight loss in Wilkes-Barre PA, Scranton
Pennsylvania, or to stop smoking, realize that Keystone Hypnosis
Institute & Weight Loss Center is the premier weight loss clinic in
the Kingston area. With ample reviews and plenty of real and
amazing weight loss before and after photos from real clients, our
locally-run hypnotherapy clinic delivers only the best possible
techniques and technology for you to quit smoking or lose weight.

has also long been used for sleep, depression, to boost confidence, and
to reduce stress, among many other needs.

Hypnosis is founded by Chris Halbohm, master hypnotist and hypnosis
trainer, offering certification training to those who wish to use
hypnotherapy to help others accomplish goals. He has founded one of the
country’s first schools of it’s kind to teach hypnotism. You can reach
the office by dialing 570-772-4432.

You Need Real Weight Loss Success?

Truly, if you want help or training, because you are wanting to make
some real changes in your life – habits, etc. You may
be suffering pain and hassle in a number of ways.

at the hypnosis center, we will guide you through facing some of those
things and then what to do about it. Your job is to have fun taking your
actions. Do you lack “will power”? Do you need a ‘push’ in the right
direction? Then realize that, although hypnosis is not will power, it is
a powerful skill set to support taking your new actions. Really, it is
the only way to get weight loss success that lasts.
Same goes for quitting smoking or any other change of habit or emotion.

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